About us

Our Mission

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Church Vision

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Our Belief

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We believe that there is only one living, true and eternal God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; who is in all the world and the universe, as a Holy Trinity being perfect, eternal, equal and undivided, the Father is the true eternal God, the Son is the true eternal God and the Holy Spirit is the true eternal God.   We do not believe in three gods, but one, eternal, omnipotent, infinite, omniscient, omnipresent God.

We believe in God the Father, who created heaven and earth, everything seen and unseen; Who is eternal, almighty, omniscient, omnipresent and infinite in His creation and glory.

We believe, that Jesus Christ – the Son of God, is eternal, unseen, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  We believe and declare, that Jesus Christ, on our behalf, as people, in exchange for our salvation, became a living person, conceived through the Holy Spirit and was born from the Virgin Mary without sin.  It was through Himself, that He revealed to us the Heavenly Father, by His Word and His Spirit (John 14:7-11), He died on the cross as payment for our sins, was resurrected from death the third day, taken up to heaven to sit on the right hand of the Father. He will return a second time to judge the living and the dead.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, instructing and living which impacts on people’s hearts, to protect them from evil and turns them to good. 

We believe that the Holy Spirit, only, is the author and fount of conversion for the individual.  He convinces us to accept the Bible.  He confirms our salvation and God’s adoption of us, through Jesus Christ, as our Saviour.  We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within the Church, indwelling every born again believer, as a Spirit of truth and sanctification.

We believe, that the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, came upon the apostles and they announced the Holy Scriptures to all peoples who were then in Jerusalem, in their native languages.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit remains unchanged today and will continue until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Individuals can come to know God only through the revelation of the holy scriptures by the Holy Spirit.

II. About Sin

We believe that God created the first of humankind according to His image, moral, sanctified and innocent, so that he could glorify his God and receive blessing through communion with him.  Albeit, through the deception of Satan, humankind sinned, fell away from God, losing the likeness of their Creator, falling both physically and spiritually under the curse of death.

Because all of humankind comes from the same bloodline of Adam, they became partakers of the fall and degenerate, therefore all future generations are conceived and born in sin and naturally are unfit and unwilling to do good[1], and alternatively are motivated towards all kinds of evil.


III. About Redemption

We believe that the death of a sinner is not enjoyable for God.  Thus in order to rescue humankind from the destructive results of the sin nature, but in full satisfaction of His righteous judgment; God, in eternity past, even before creation of earth, foresaw the sacrifice of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.  You, the successor of this Christ, the Son of the living God, who came in God’s perfect timing to this earth in likeness to sinful flesh who left His eternal Godliness in exchange for humanity with a human soul and in human flesh, remained perfect and faultless so that He never sinned either in His heart or in His earthly life, never sinning either internally or externally.  Jesus Christ in unconditional obedience to His Heavenly Father, completing for us God’s command, presenting as a sacrifice, for us, His body and soul.  Christ was condemned for us, accepting God’s judgment for our sins.

We believe, that this eternal and complete redemption, purchased by God’s son, is the one foundation of our salvation  and through Christ we receive forgiveness for all our sins, justified, and eternally righteous.  We, being rescued from death, the devil and Hell, receive eternal life.  Through Christ’s sacrifice we have power to overcome sin, being dead to sin, now being zealous to do good works.

Jesus, having redeemed us upon His death, being resurrected the third day ascended to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God.  He sent the Holy Spirit to us, which inclines and encourages us to accept God’s blessing through His redemption.  As a High Priest, Jesus Christ intercedes for us before the Father abiding with us daily to the end of the age, and in the end will take us to Heaven where He has prepared a place for us.

IV. About the Power of Grace, Order and the Freewill to accept Salvation

We believe, that God provided the means of salvation through grace, inviting sinners to Himself, granting them salvation, through Jesus Christ.  God provided an appropriate order, enough for us to change without disturbing God’s will. These provisions of grace include: 

  1. God’s Word: being converted through reading or listening to God’s Word and being guided by the Holy Spirit, thus being added to Christ’s church through,
  2. Baptism: as celebrated by members of the church,
  3. Communion: partaking of the Eucharist to remember Christ’s death, experiencing a close relationship with Him, reaching the highest expression of unity, and finally,
  4. Prayer, the soul’s access to grace and help to grow therein. Prayer interceded by the Holy Spirit, begins immediately upon salvation never leaving every believer.

We believe, that God, of His own free inclination, without answerability to anyone, chose to save sinners.

Because God in His mysterious, eternal and merciful love, before the creation of the earth, Jehovah-anointed in His own Incarnation and Death, was to become our Saviour so every individual of the fallen human race, through the passage of time, predestined for salvation, being chosen by the Father, their names being written in Heaven, they being given into the hands of their Saviour, as His people, as sheep in His fold, for which He laid down His own life, as His heirs, gained through the struggle of His death, to become His bride-to-be.  All such individuals were gifted eternal life in Christ Jesus, and simultaneously God foresaw all peoples, to bring them to belief in Christ, to sanctification and in the end, to everlasting blessing.  This is God’s foundational truth, unchanging, established for eternity, so that those to whom it applies, being chosen, can never be plucked out of God’s hands because they are in the safety of God’s strength through belief in Jesus Christ and their love for Him until the day of inheritance of God’s glory.

V. About the Holy Scriptures

We teach that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are compiled of 66 books, specifically, the Old Testament of 39 books and the New Testament of 27 books.  This collection of holy books, commonly known as the Bible, is God’s Word and the Holy Scripture.

We believe that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit; the entire compilation presenting the singular truth of God’s revelation to the human race and the one means to recognize God, and the one certain standard of our faith and obedience to God.

We believe that the way to salvation is through the reading of or listening to God’s Word, which is alive and powerful (sharper than a two-edged sword), thus awakening one from sinful slumber, thereby recognizing sin and guilt, and being found accountable, sincerely confessing one’s sin.  Anticipating threatening danger on the road to eternal damnation, humans hurry to Christ, as to their only rescuer and Saviour, and through faith receive a forgiveness of their sins, and confirmation in their souls that they are a child of God and heirs to eternal life.  The great change in the heart of a sinner and his understanding results from the exceptional work of the Holy Spirit, through the gracious will of God who prompts the planting the Word of God by His omnipotent fruitful action, in this way leading born again sinners with His living and infinite Word.  

This results in opening the sinners heart, revives his soul and renews a live faith in Jesus Christ within him.

VI. About Baptism

We believe, that upon the clear teaching of the New Testament, baptism is to be practiced by believers until the second coming of Christ.  Ordained Ministers shall conduct baptisms by completely immersing candidates under water before lifting them up out of the water.  The act of Baptism accomplishes one of the essentials of God’s commands. In exceptional circumstances a lay-leader may conduct the baptism if given this authority by the members of the church body. 


The Holy Scriptures clearly teach each believer to be obedient to this command and thankfully comply to show the evidence of His grace.  Therefore, baptism should be accepted by all peoples, regardless of race, provided they have repented of their sins, and accepted, through faith, that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour.


Baptism is the first fruit of faith and love given to Christ, by every believer, and the beginning of a journey of unconditional obedience to God, and to His Church.  Baptism is solemn acknowledgement of the sinner, recognizing sin in all it’s revulsion and judgment against his nature, so that he puts his entire hope only upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, his Saviour, and believes in Him, as his deliverer from condemnation and punishment for sin, dedicating his body and soul to Christ and identifying with Him, instead of his own pride and strength, crucifying the “old man” with Christ and wishing to walk with God in his new life.


Baptism is a solemn announcement and confirmation of faith of being born again in Christ Jesus, identifying with Him in His death, burial and resurrection, recognizing that our sins are washed away, and that we being the beloved children of God are pleasing the Heavenly Father.  Baptism expresses a powerful understanding of our salvation and blessing.  Through baptism, it is as if God placed His seal of the Holy Spirit upon us, but this only being known to the person, in which God previously gifted to one genuinely believing in the Son of God and in His power over death and resurrection.


Baptism is that singular act expressing the faith of the believer leading to recurring of God’s grace and renewal in the life of the believer.  This demands that the step of baptism be fulfilled by every believer.

VII. About Communion

We believe, that Jesus Christ established two sacraments for His Church; Baptism and Communion (The Lord’s Supper).  In order for believers to become partakers of the Lord’s Table, they must first be baptized.  

God gave order to the observance of Communion.  It is to be observed frequently administered by an ordained minister who invites people to the Lord’s Supper, and following prayer and the breaking of the bread, offers it and wine to the members of the church.  Upon the command of Jesus Christ we accept the Lord’s Supper from two aspects: bread and wine.

In exceptional circumstances a lay-leader may administer the Lord’s Supper if given this authority by the members of the church body. 

Being purchased by the blood of the “Lamb”, spilled on Golgotha’s hill, we remember the holy command of our Saviour Jesus Christ, partaking of communion, as one of the pillars of our life and salvation, until His second coming. 

Partaking at the Lord’s Table reminds us of the Son of God, His sacrifice for our sins, as He continues to appear to us in His Holy spiritual beauty.

We believe, that through Lord’s Supper, with these two elements of bread and wine, Jesus Christ allows all believers to be nourished, spiritually, by His body and His blood. 

Partaking spiritually, of Christ’s body and blood, through the Lord’s Supper, should be a divine obligation of each believer, through which believers grow and strengthen in their knowledge their commitment to Christ and His sacrifice, which again and again provides evidence to the partakers that there sins have been forgiven, because of their faith.  Partaking in the  Lord’s Supper is directed only to those, who rely upon God’s grace, who have returned to God, become identified with Him, have been baptized, and who live and conduct themselves in accordance with God’s Word

VIII. About Christ’s Church

We believe in only one Church, to whom belong all those, who have died to sin, baptized through the death of Jesus Christ, and began living a new life (Romans 6:2-4). 

Members of Christ’s Church on this earth occur upon baptism, complying with God’s command, as evidence of faith of the believer.  Upon the command of Jesus Christ and His apostles, and according to the example of the first church in the era of the apostles, and in order to accomplish all the new testaments, specifically that every believer is no longer alone, but instead in fellowship with all other followers of Christ, now being members of one body.    

As if living stones of the one house of God, believers are commanded to encourage one another, for mutual learning, for joy, for advice and support for those on the journey in the life of the believer, and to continue in the teaching of the apostles, in fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayer.
The association of true Christian disciples, based upon the Holy Scriptures, constitutes the Christian Church.   The unchanging and unfailing Word of God is the teacher and reference book of the Church.

Church Government 

We believe, that only Our Saviour Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church; we accept no other headship over the church on earth.

The Church “calls” their preacher and chooses, from their own members, teachers and deacons, which are dedicated and take responsibility to serve, through ordination.  We understand that ordination, or “laying on of hands”, is an solemn act, through which, according to God’s Word, the Church sets individuals apart for service, to which they were “called” to by God, and which accept responsibility, during the process of “laying on of hands” and prayer of dedication for them, to faithfully carry out the duties assigned.  (Ordination must be distinguished from induction, wherein an ordained pastor is inducted into the service of a particular church, by its members.)

Ordained workers in the Church fall under the same discipline of the Church, equal to all other members, but the words of Apostle Paul are noted, which state, “Do not accept accusations against elders, unless it is reported by two or three witnesses”.

Pastors and Elders 

We accept no hierarchial order, save and except, Pastors and Elders, and believe that Biblical references, for example the title of bishop or pastor, does not make one any more or less important than other church members. 

We regard spiritual leading and preparation as a prerequisite for those aspiring to pastoral positions. The most important qualification for pastoral office is their love of God, along with qualifications  and spiritual gifts that the Apostle Paul wrote about in his letters to Timothy and Titus.

Pastors lead through worship services introduce their congregations to decisions of life.  Above all else, pastors’ prime responsibility is their concern for the souls of their people.

Elders are given the authority and responsibility to preach God’s Word at worship services.  They are accountable for the truth of their teaching to the congregation.  The congregation has the authority to remove, from office, any Pastor or Elder who is not adhering to the Word of God. 

Pastors and Elders have the authority to conduct baptisms and lead in the serving of communion.

The position of Pastor and Elder may be assigned to one person.

Pastors and Elders may be volunteer positions, the holders of these positions holding outside jobs for their livelihood.  However, if circumstances can be so arranged, it is preferable that Pastors and Elders hold these positions exclusively, so they can devote their full attention to spiritual service.  In the case of full time Pastors and Elders, the congregation should ensure full financial support to the extent of their capacity to do so.


Deacons, or servers, qualify as such because of their commitment to the Holy Scriptures and their gift of service.  They assist the Pastors and Elders in carrying out their responsibilities.  One of their prime responsibilities is to care for the needs of the Church and its wellbeing.

Responsibilities of Members 

Members of the Church are to continue in mutual sincere love for one another, in mutual humble participation, in missions and in humanitarian assistance, through conscientious application of grace and carrying out the teaching given to the Church by Our Lord and Saviour, as its Head.  Every member must participate in communion, and attend Sunday services and any special services on a regular basis.  Member are excused from partaking in communion, and attendance at worship services or meetings of the church, only in unusual circumstances or illness.


Voting at business meetings of the church may be by a show of hands or by secret ballot.  All members have equal voting privileges, and the decisions are made in accordance with the majority vote.  In all decisions

the minority members in each vote must submit to the will of the majority, because this is the only way to maintain liberty and order in the Church. 

Receiving of Members 

New members can be received by the Church, by a majority vote of the membership, following a previous interview of their spiritual experience and their specific beliefs.  A unanimous vote is highly recommended.

Church Discipline 

Christ’s principles in Matthew 18:17-17 applies to all members and to which they should closely adhere to.  Every member has the responsibility, with love, to receive instruction and admonition, and where necessary to be reminded, in love, of Christian shortcomings, without mention of same to any third parties.  It is only after expulsion from membership that members may relate to those expelled, as those outside the Kingdom of God.


The church, in compliance with it’s Founder Jesus Christ, has the right and responsibility to expel, by a vote, from membership, those individuals who through their lifestyle contradict the Christian faith, and who deliberately violate God’s commandments, and who disregard brotherly admonition, refusing to repent, but instead continue in their sinful state.

Members who have fallen into grave sin, who cause general difficulties, or who continue in their sinful state and do not consider believer’s advice,

shall be expelled without regard to their promises of repentance.

Reinstatement of expelled members follows the same procedure as for any new member, but only after an exceptional interview whereby the applicant repents of their sin in front of the Church.


We believe, that without sanctification, no one will see God.  Sanctification results from the redemption of the sinner through his belief in Jesus Christ, as his one and only Saviour, therefore being fully justified

Sanctification results from being born again, whereby the rule of sin in one’s heart, after prolonged influence of the Holy Spirit, provides strength and endeavour, to die to sin, and although sin continues to provoke, one being obedient to God, brings a live sacrifice to God of ones soul and body, through which God is glorified.  However, striving to live righteously, a believer can still fall into various sinfulness and weakness, without excuse, but suffering deeply and earnestly confessing, knowing that the sin saddens their gracious God, and threatens their peace with Him.  In these circumstances one finds no peace, until they receive forgiveness of their sins, and begins to follow Christ’s teaching more carefully.

Saintly childlike love to God and to His commandments is the first step to sanctification, and this love, is ignited, kept and cherished by the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer, changing the believer into the likeness of God.  We believe that sanctification of the believer continues throughout their entire life on this earth, and that all children of God, without regard to their saintly life, always require forgiveness by God’s grace through the blood of Jesus Christ.


We believe that God established marriage for the mutual blessing of a husband and wife, for the continuation of the human race and to prevent immorality.  We believe, that a man should only have one wife, and a woman to have only one husband, throughout each of their lives.

We understand, that a born-again Christian can only be married to another believer in Christ.

Marriage is an ordinance of God and the Government and therefore it must be confirmed by both.  The first confirmation is from the church through God’s word and prayer; the second through the law of government.

We understand that divorce is contrary to God’s word, as is marriage with one who has been divorced.  However, in the case of adultery, or the evil-intentioned abandonment by the unbelieving spouse, we understand that divorce and the re-marriage of the spouse without fault is allowed.  In the event of divorce or a re-marriage, strict adherence to civil law of the government is mandatory.


We believe, that governmental order is God ordained, and that God has granted government the power to protect the innocent and to judge and punish the doers of evil.  We proclaim that our responsibility is to submit to government and to abide with all laws, unless they restrict the practice of our Christian faith.  It is also our duty to assist our government in their difficult responsibility by our dutiful and peaceful lifestyle in accordance with God’s word and good morality.

In accordance with God’s word, it is our responsibility to pray for the government, so that within God’s will and protection through His grace, the government might carry out their divine given powers to maintain peace and justice.

We teach that the Word of God forbids swearing, but instead that any witness called before the courts, in a God fearing and righteous manner as a witness of truth, shall invoke the Court requirements through prayer and scriptural form. 

We believe, that government, recognized by the New Testament, does not bare the sword carelessly; having the authority and the responsibility, in accordance with God’s commandments to punish criminals and to use the sword for the protection and defense of it’s citizens.  In view thereof, we believe it is our responsibility, in the event called upon, to serve our country in the military.  However, we believe that the government does not have the right to force a citizen to bear arms contrary to his conscience (Exodus 20:13; Matthew 26.52).

We see no reason preventing a believer from participating as a member of the government or its administration thereof.


We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ in His power and glory.  We understand that the day of His appearance will be as the crown of His sacrifice, for in that day the eyes of the entire world will see the truth and wonderful greatness of His glorious sacrifice.   

Specifically they will see the foundational King of Glory, and with Him, His bride the Church, because the dead in Christ will be resurrected in their bodies, in a glorified state, they will see Jesus as His is; they will be like Him and they will rule with Him.

We also believe in the resurrection of ungodly and unjust people, for the final judgment, where all of people will appear before the throne of judgment of Christ, where everyone will receive judgment in accordance with their deeds, during their lifetime, whether good or bad.  The Son of God will give each of His followers, eternal blessings; likewise to all of the impure and ungodly He will announce the judgment of eternal punishment.

We hold firmly to the specific and clear pronouncements of the scriptures, which teach us the unchangeable, blessedness for the believer, and suffering for the unjust, after life on earth. 

We believe that both these pronouncements, blessedness and suffering, is eternal, and therefore there is no opportunity to cross from one state to the other after death, as also no one can obtain salvation after death. We hold dear the words of our Saviour Jesus Christ “I come quickly”, deeply believe that good will prevail over evil, living with this belief, and working for His return praying in this hope, “Come quickly, Christ Jesus”.